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Top tips for selling your house fast in Wales

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    Our top tips for selling your house fast in Wales

    If you are thinking I need to sell my house fast, then our top tips to selling quickly in wales could be of use to you.

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      Table Of Contents

      House Presentation & Garden

      Look & Style

      Little House Improvements

      Property Marketing

      Extra Thoughts

      House Presentation

      Wether you have a house, a flat or something else, the presentation of the property goes a long way in helping a potential buyer make a decision of buying your property. It’s no coincidence that properties in a clean and tidy condition sell faster than those that are not.

      Your Garden

      Your garden can be a massive influence in someones decision to buy your property and also how quickly they buy that property. Maintaining a neatly trimmed lawn or cutting back weed and bushes can help make you garden more appealing to a potential buyer.

      • Cut the grass: Cutting the grass may seem obvious, but it can make a massive difference to the look of your garden.
      • Remove the rubbish: Removing your waste/rubbish from the garden area to somewhere out of view can also make a difference and leave your garden area looking much cleaner, not to mentioned it keep the smell of your bin bags away from your potential buyer.
      • Cut back the bushes and weeds: An overgrown garden can look awful and influence someones decision in buying your property fast before they have even entered.

      Outside Of The House

      Most people make a decision about buying your property before they have even stepped inside. First impressions count and having a clean and tidy exterior is another big part of selling your house in Wales fast.

      • Property Windows: Windows are one of the first things buyers notices, give them a clean inside and out. It will bring in more light and looks great from both sides.
      • Viewing at light? Use an outside light. It get dark earlier in the latter part of the year, make sure you have adequate lighting outside so that potential buyers can see your property.

      Around The House!

      Keeping the inside of the house tidy for viewings is a BIG yes! People want to be able to imagine themselves living in the house and mess is going to make them want to run away and not return.

      • Tidying up: Put away the dishes, dirty clothes, hover up the mess in the carpets.
      • Make the beds: Use clean fresh bedding on all your beds in the house, make it seem inviting.
      • Lamps create mood: Lamps create a lovely chilled mood in the rooms where they are used. It can make the house feel warm and cosy.
      • Light candles: Everyone loves a great smelling home. Light some candles to create a lovely smell all around the property.
      • Use flowers: Flowers can make any table or room feel light and and add a touch of style to an otherwise hard surface.
      • Make each room have a purpose: Sometimes if you have a 3 bedroom house, you may only be using 2 rooms as a bedroom and maybe one as an office or gym. Turn that room back into its intended purpose.
      • Temperature: Have the property at a perfect temperature. In winter make your house warm, in summer open windows to let in the breeze.

      Look & Style

      The property needs to be decorated well. Walls painted and clean. Wood floors unscathed, Carpets with no fraying edges. These all go a long way into making the property look clean and gives you the best chance of selling your house fast in Wales.

      • Paint walls: Nobody looks to see chipped and peeling paint when viewing a property to buy. If you want to sell your house fast, freshly painting the walls can have a massive impact.
      • Replace peeling wallpaper: Maybe you have rooms with wallpaper? Make sure the wallpaper is clean and without rips.
      • Touch up skirts and radiators. People sometimes forget to paint the skirtings or the radiators. These little finishing touches could be all you need to sway a potential property buyer.
      • Repair Damp Spots. If you have damp spots in the property you’re selling, remove signs of this before any property viewings. People would be very put off by mould and damp.
      • Replace damaged carpets: If there are carpets that are damaged. Replace them to give your self the best chance to sell your house fast.

      Little House Improvements

      If you are able to do some of the following house improvements, it can have a big impact on selling your house quickly. Some of the main areas potential buyers look at are:

      The Kitchen

      • New Worktops: New worktops can transform a drab kitchen to a modern looking area quickly.
      • New Paint: Newly painted kitchens bring a fresh lift to the room.
      • New Tiles: Retiling the kitchen can be a big task, but it can also make the room more appealing to buyers.

      The Bathroom

      • A new bathroom suite. This can make an outdated bathroom feel modern very quickly, helping you to sell fast.
      • Flooring: Freshening up the flooring can also have an impact. Try laying some new tiles or lino to freshen things up.
      • Get both a shower & bath: People like both a bath and a shower, so having both can be a massive plus in the eyes of a potential buyer.


      A few more general tips you can make to your house could include:

      • New Rendering: The brickwork on the property could be tired and worn. Having it re-rendered can make the outside of you house look new.
      • New Windows: Windows can make a difference to a property, getting double glazed windows can keep out noise pollution from outside and also help keep the heat in the property.

      Property Marketing

      Property marketing can be the difference to selling your house fast or not selling it at all.

      • Estate agent: You should used an established Estate Agency like Morgan Jones Property Agents Or John Francis. They are well known in Wales and this means they know what they are taking about and how to sell your property.
      • Use 2 Estate Agents: People think you are tied to use just one Agent to sell their house. This is sometimes not the case and using two agencies can sometimes open up new buyers and give you twice the opportunity to sell. It also means your property showing twice on property websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove.
      • Use free advertising: Adverting your property for free can sometimes work. After all you have nothing to lose. Try listing your house on websites like Gumtree. Mention you are looking to sell your house fast and you never know what you may get back.
      • Social: Get you property all over social media. People love to share things and getting you property in front of interested local people could help you sell fast.
      • Your neighbours: Your neighbours have an interest in who might live next door to them. Maybe they know someone, like their son, daughter, friend who may be interested in buying your property.
      • Use good photos: A photo can speak a thousand words. Photos of the house you want to sell are no different. Make sure you use high quality images to show off your house.
      • Floorplans: Having a floorplan can aid potential buyers in imagining how they might live in your property.
      • Open house: Hold an open day for potential buyers to come and look at your property. The more people viewing the more urgency it creates.

      Extra Thoughts

      Here are a few more ideas to help you sell your house in wales fast:

      • Use an established property buyer: Property Buyers like ourselves can buy your house fast and give you a cash offer quickly. You could have financial issues or maybe you have inherited a property you want to sell. We can buy your house in as little as 2 weeks. No viewings, no hassle.
      • Sell at an auction: Auction houses can be a quick way to sell a property, give it a go.
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