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How to sell your house fast in Wales during Covid-19

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    How to sell your house in Wales fast during Covid-19

    With new lockdown measures in place, this is a difficult time for the whole of the UK and especially Wales– and anyone hoping to sell a property could now face significant delays if selling it through an agent. Here are your answers to all your questions about selling a property in lockdown:

    Can I still sell my property during lockdown in Wales?

    You’re still allowed to put your home on the market, and it can be visited by estate agents– but if you or anyone in your household develops Covid-19 symptoms, you must not let an estate agent visit.

    Can potential buyers view my property during the lockdown?

    The government strongly encourages virtual viewings in the first instance, so that the only people who physically visit your property are people who are seriously considering buying it. 

    What precautions should I take if people are viewing my property during lockdown in Wales?

    As the occupant, it’s advised that you vacate the property during the viewing. Make sure that all internal doors are already open, so that nobody has to touch the handles, and provide access to handwashing facilities, ideally with paper towels for visitors to dry their hands. Face coverings should be worn during viewings by the estate agent and by the potential buyers. Potential buyers should be advised by you or the estate agent to wash their hands and avoid touching objects and surfaces. If someone is seriously interested in your property, they may want to make subsequent visits, so you should ensure that all the guidelines above are followed for these too.

    What should I do after someone has viewed my home?

    After each viewing the government advises that you should clean surfaces that may have been touched, such as door handles, with standard household cleaning products. Make sure you also wash or dispose of any towels used by your visitors.

    What if a potential buyer wants tradespeople to visit my property?

    Sometimes potential buyers will want tradespeople to visit a property to assess the cost of repairs and alterations. This is allowed, but you should try to ensure that just one person visits the property at a time. When the tradesperson visits, you should maintain social distancing, wash your hands regularly and minimise contact – for example, by staying in another room. If anyone in your household is isolating or has Covid-19 symptoms, you must not allow a tradesman to enter.

    Can a surveyor visit my house during Covid-19?

    Yes, as long as nobody in your household has symptoms of Covid-19 or is self-isolating. The government recommends that inspections should be carried out by one person at a time, and take place by appointment only. The occupant should ensure it’s easy for the surveyor to access all of the property without having to touch surfaces and open doors. You should maintain social distancing while the surveyor is there, ideally by staying in another room.

    Can I move house in Wales during Covid-19?

    Yes, but you and your buyer should be prepared for potential delays if a member of either household becomes ill with Covid-19 or has to self-isolate. Any contract you enter into should have sufficient flexibility to allow for date changes. Removal firms are still allowed to operate but they must ensure the move is carried out as safely as possible with regard to Covid-19 precautions. It’s likely it will be harder to find a removal firm during this time, so it’s ok for another household to help you with your move – as long as social distancing guidelines and hygiene measures are followed. The government advises that you and your household should do the packing rather than giving this task to anyone else, and that any belongings that are going to be handled by others must be cleaned with standard domestic cleaning products beforehand. When people come to you home to help with removals, make sure all doors are open so they don’t have to touch the handles, and make sure everyone washes their hands regularly, using separate towels or paper towels for drying.

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