5 red flags that could stop people buying your home

If you want to sell your property fast, you can increase your chances of a sale by making it as
appealing as possible to potential buyers. When viewing a property, people want to be able
to imagine themselves living there, and they also want reassurance that the property is
sound and has no hidden issues. If your property has major problems, such as subsidence, it
could cost a lot of money to get it up to standard, but in other cases there are often some
simple fixes that can boost your chances of a quick sale. Here are five common issues that
can put buyers off – and what to do about them.

  1. Crazy colour schemes
    The problem: you may love your funky living room, but if you’ve put too much
    personality into it, you may have made it difficult for people to imagine the property
    as their home.
    The fix: Redecorate with calm, neutral shades. You can still add subtle touches of
    colour to give it personality but try to make it feel like a blank canvas on which the
    new owner will be able to make their mark.
  2. An overgrown garden
    If your property has a garden, this could be a big selling point, but only if it’s in good
    condition. An overgrown garden is one of the issues that can deter potential buyers
    – not only because it’s unattractive, but also because they won’t want to put in a lot
    of money and effort to get it looking good.
    The fix: Clear up all the dead and overgrown plants, paint any tatty fences and add a
    few new plants if necessary. Check your boundaries: could you add privacy with an
    extra bit of trellis or fencing? This could be a selling point. Consider adding an
    outdoor building such as a shed, because these have been shown to add as much as
    5 percent to your property value. A patio can also add value.
  3. Dark rooms
    The problem: Dark rooms are another big turn-off for buyers, so look critically at
    your house and the ways in which your decorative choices either darken or enhance
    the space.
    The fix: If you identify a room as too dark, first look at ways to enhance the natural
    light. If the window looks out onto a dark coloured wall, for example, you could paint
    the wall white. If you have curtains that are narrowing the window, consider
    replacing these with a blind. If you have a dark hallway, consider replacing doors
    with ones that contain more glass. Once you’ve done what you can to improve the

natural light, take a look at the electrical lighting. Adding a strategic lamp, a new wall
or ceiling light, or simply getting brighter light bulbs can all make a big difference.

  1. An ugly exterior
    The problem: First impressions count. If the frontage of your property is tired and
    cluttered, this could put off potential buyers before they’ve even stepped inside.
    The fix: Repaint any surfaces that are tired and flaking. If you’ve got an ugly or dated
    front door, consider replacing it. Invest in a few plant pots and a welcoming door
    mat and jet wash your driveway or path.
  2. Signs of damp
    The problem: Damp is one of the biggest turn-offs for potential buyers as it may
    signal an expensive problem. However, it’s often caused by very minor issues that
    are easy to fix.
    The fix: Identify the source of the damp. It might be cracked rendering, a missing
    roof tile or even just a lack of ventilation. Don’t try to hide the damp: fix the cause,
    let it dry out and then redecorate.

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