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Stuck in a chain in Wales? Sell Quickly Instead!

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    Stuck in a chain? Need to sell your house quick?

    It’s a common story: you’re all geared up to make your house move, then a sale in the chain falls through and you’re stuck waiting for things to get back on track. It can be a hugely frustrating and costly experience, and one that may make you despair as to whether you’ll ever actually get to move house.

    Selling through an estate agent carries a high risk of getting stuck in a chain. If you’re in this situation, it’s worth considering an alternative: selling your house to us. In most cases, when stuck in a house chain, we’ll give you an offer on the spot – and our price guarantee means that offer won’t change further down the line. Our solicitor will look after the legalities for free, and your house sale will be complete fast, leaving you with the money in your bank account and the freedom to take the next step in your life.

    Selling your home to Property Buyers Wales is a smart way to get out of a house chain and move forward with your life – with no hidden costs.

    Our easy steps to selling your house fast if you are stuck in a chain:

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    Why sell your house fast to us, when you're in a chain?

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      If your stuck in a chain selling with us is quick and easy

      Stuck in a chain in Wales? Sell Quickly Instead

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      FAQ for no house chain hassle

      If you’re stuck in a chain, selling your house fast is quick and easy with Property Buyers Wales.  Simply arrange a call back with one of the team and we will arrange a free home valuation.  We are experts at selling homes quickly in South Wales, covering areas such as Swansea, Neath, Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport & everywhere in between. 

      Our clients love the speed with which the whole process is completed. Your house can be sold, and the money will be in your bank, within two weeks. We’ll give you the use of our solicitor for free, meaning you face no legal fees. This also helps to ensure the process runs smoothly, with clear communication all the way.

      To sell your house quickly there has to be a slight compromise.  We’ll make you an offer  that’s below market value – that’s how we make our money. However, it will be a reasonable offer, and it comes with the promise of speedy completion and no legal fees, provided you use our solicitor. You’ll also have our promise that we will not suddenly lower our offer towards the end of the process. The price we offer you is the price you will truly get.  It really is that simple to sell your house quick and get our of that chain.

      We’ll give you the use of our solicitor for free, meaning you face no legal fees. This also helps to ensure the process run smoothly, with clear communication all the way.

      Each situation is different, but the majority of our customers will have the funds in their bank within 2 weeks of selling their property quickly.

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      Get the best offer possible for your property.  This will help you sell quickly and get out of a chain.  Enter your postcode below to get started with your move. 

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