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How We Work

As there are many variables when selling your property, we provide a bespoke service to each and every client. At Property Buyers Wales, we listen to your needs and requirements, and then suggest the best possible route for selling your property. There are three main methods we use to help you sell your property.

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    We can buy your property. If you choose to sell to us, you’ll get a guaranteed price offer. This is the fastest and most popular choice with our clients.

  • 2


    We can sell your property through our list of highly experienced and trusted investors.

  • 3


    We can place your property on the open market. Selling through a third party means the property may take longer to sell but potentially increases the amount you’ll receive.

All three are equally viable options, and which ever root you choose to go down depends on your own personal preferences and requirements. Get in touch us with us today to find out which root is best for you. We offer full transparency to our clients, assuring your best interests are at heart.


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Why should you use us?

There are lots of reasons why people need to sell a property quickly. We have a knowledgeable team in place who can sell your property promptly. From years of experience, we understand that no two properties are the same. We realise that no two scenarios are the same either, which is we offer a completely personal bespoke service to each and every client.


Selling Your Property Quickly

No matter the condition, area or price, as long as your property is in Wales, we’ll take it off your hands. We understand that sometimes, for whatever reason, you may need to shift a property quickly.

Common reasons include:

  • Inheritance
  • Divorce/family disputes
  • Repossession/financial difficulties
  • Relocation
  • Being stuck in the chain

If you’re in one of these situations, or another which is pushing you for a quick sell, contact us today.

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  • Listen to our customers

    I was having problems selling my house after having it on the market for over four months. My estate agent kept telling me that the market was picking up. I even reduced the asking price considerably, and had already paid up front for a HIP. I then received a leaflet from Property Buyers Wales and gave them a call just to see what they could do for me. Their service was very good and I completed in just over three weeks, and I didn’t have to pay any fees whatsoever!

    Mr S. (Bargoed)

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  • Listen to our customers

    As the market had slowed considerably, I was having difficulty attracting viewers. I contacted Property Buyers Wales, who came the very next day to view my Home. They made me a reasonable offer, which I accepted, and the whole process was completed within a month, which was a great relief to me. I would gladly recommend Property Buyers Wales to anyone in the same position, as I found they were honest and fair during all aspects of the sale.

    C. Jones (Bargoed)

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  • Listen to our customers

    Property Buyers Wales contacted me regarding buying my house. I needed to sell quickly because I had financial problems and wanted to release the equity. They were extremely helpful. I would certainly recommend their service to anyone wishing to sell quickly, especially if they have financial problems.

    Mr D. (Tonypandy)

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  • Listen to our customers

    had inherited a house from a relative and just wanted to sell it because I have my own home. I had tried everything, until I had a phone call from Property Buyers Wales saying they could buy the house within a fortnight.

    Twenty-four hours later, they had visited the property for a free valuation and had given me an offer. I was quite surprised that it was so quick and I also saved money because I didn’t have to pay any fees at all.

    Ms C. (Merthyr)

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