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Frequently asked questions

1. Which areas do Property Buyers Wales cover?

We cover all parts of Wales.

2. How do your prices compare to those I'd get from an estate agent?
It depends on a number of factors, including the type and location of the property. We usually offer around 75% of the open-market value (the price your house would be worth to achieve a sale within 4-6 weeks).
3. How long does it take?

It can be very quick, if that's what you need. If necessary we can exchange in 24 hours, subject to legal paperwork being in order.

4. How quickly can I get the money?
Your solicitor will release the money as soon as the transaction is completed.
5. I don't have a solicitor.

We always recommend that you do. We will pay your solicitors fees up to £500 on completion.

6. Will anybody know about the sale?

No, it's confidential. We don't put a sold sign up, so nobody will know about your sale.

7. If we are being repossessed and we have chosen to sell to you, do we need to tell the people who are repossessing us?
You don't have to do anything. The solicitor will talk to them and arrange for their loan to be paid.
8. Do I have to accept the offer straight away?
No, you are under no obligation.
9. Do I have to get a home information pack (HIP)?
No, when you sell to Property Buyers Wales it is classed as a private sale so no HIP is necessary.
10. What type of property do we buy?

We buy all types of property:

  • flats
  • maisonettes
  • terraced houses
  • semi-detached houses
  • properties with sitting tenants
  • ex-local authority
  • property in need of refurbishment
  • even property that has been on the market for a long time
11. Does the property need to be in good condition?

No. Property Buyers Wales will consider a property of any type and in any condition.

12. Will my estate agent mind if I sell direct to Property Buyers Wales?

Naturally, they will not be very happy about losing their commission. However, you must must remember that your quick sale is more important. We always advise that you read your estate agent's agreement and give the correct amount of notice.

Call us free now:

0800 634 9229